Stats update 11-7-12

Today I had a GREAT birthday!!!! 😀 I went shopping and bought a dress, a sweter to go with the dress, eye liner and I got a present from my mom that was a couple of flower clips ,that r really cool, Bobby pins, and two pairs of socks that I really needed and loved 😀 I had a great day! And what made it all even better was I got to go to my favorite place after……. which was CHURCH!!!!! 😀

       Thanks to every one who has made my life Sooooooo AWESOME!!!!!!


One thought on “Stats update 11-7-12

  1. Maegan I love your site….keep it up and I sent you my e-mail so I can get updates. I love you and I’m so glad your birthday was happy. I agree church is a wonderful place to be.
    love you,

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