You Seriously Made That!?: Nautical Headband Tutorial




Aubree I am so thankful to have you in my life you are so spunky you are creative, and funny, and sweet,  but most of all you’re a great friend! I can always talk to u no matter what and you listen to me,even when I’m blabbering about stuff that’s just plane weird 🙂 lol! I luv you so much Aubree! Thanks for being there for me!


Stats update 11-11-12

Today was great!  The kids in my class were a handful but honestly when it comes to them I love a handful!!! I then got to relax at home for about an hour and I went back to my favorite place, church. Then I got to do the two things I luv the most, acting and singing. And even though I was singing with ten other boys it was okay cause big Megan was there to help me 🙂 I am so thankful for all the things that I get to do on Sundays and for all the people I get to see. 🙂

Stats update 11-7-12

Today I had a GREAT birthday!!!! 😀 I went shopping and bought a dress, a sweter to go with the dress, eye liner and I got a present from my mom that was a couple of flower clips ,that r really cool, Bobby pins, and two pairs of socks that I really needed and loved 😀 I had a great day! And what made it all even better was I got to go to my favorite place after……. which was CHURCH!!!!! 😀

       Thanks to every one who has made my life Sooooooo AWESOME!!!!!!

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I would like to start by telling y’all the rules.
There are no rules!!!! The only thing is I wont usually be on here till around two o’clock-ish so…….. ya, but feel free to come on any time u want and talk amongst ur selves!! ….. oh ya! There is 1 rules no matter what under no sercomstances will there be Any fighting of any kind! This website Is supose to get us all closer together! 😀 And u HAVE TOO HAVE F.U.N!!!!!!!! 😀 ♥♥♥♥♥

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